Dubai FAQ

Does one require a visa to Dubai?

Visa requirements to Dubai vary according to one’s nationality. It is better to check out the immigration rules and procedures before leaving for Dubai. In most cases, those having US passports can get their visa on arrival.

Is English spoken in Dubai?

The official declared language in Dubai is Arabic. Nevertheless, Arabic as well as English is made use of in business as well as commerce dealings. Other languages widely spoken are Hindi and Urdu

What sort of shopping one can do in Dubai?

Canada FAQ: Some of the finest goods are available in Dubai which are priced much below than those available in other countries. Bargains are good as it is tax-free market. One can bargain. One can purchase artistic goods such as sliver, Arabian coffee pots, brass swords, Khanjars, antique silver based jewelry, gold jewelry and Persian carpets.

What sort of clothes and essentials one needs to pack?

One needs lightweight summer clothes such as cotton or perhaps cotton mix. One must get hold of a good pair of sun-glasses along with a hat and sun glasses. One also requires a sweater or even a jacket especially during the evening hour.

What is the weather like in Dubai?

The winters are rather warm as well as sunny and the nights a bit cool. The humidity in the coastal ranges between 50% to 60%.

What are the visa requirements in Dubai?

The most essential requirement before one enters Dubai or any other UAE countries is that his or her passport must be valid 2 to 6 months before one’s arrival in Dubai or other UAE dependents countries. There are different visas for different entries and people, such as tourists, visitors, dependents, workers, business delegates and so forth.

Do women have to wear certain type of clothing?

UAE is a Muslim country but Dubai is not all that conservative, and the rules and regulations guiding the type of clothes to be worn by women are not all that strict. Dubai being cosmopolitan, the rules are much relaxed and no specific code has been prescribed for men and women, unlike in other neighboring countries.

Why should one use online application system?

Dubai FAQ: Online application means no sponsor is required from the UAE. One will also receive a response with a time span of few days only. One can submit all the required documents and necessary information and also pay for the fees from one’s home itself, without having to send them by post or rather by fax.

What is security deposit?

The security deposit has to be paid by certain nationals and is refunded when one leaves the country.

Do children and infants need a visa?

All passengers require, including infants and children who are on their parent’s passport need a visa to enter UAE. This also includes infants traveling on their parents’ laps.

What are the different types of visa?

Several visas are there, the 30 days visa, 60 days visa, 90 days visa, Student visa, Conference or Exhibition Visit Visa, Medical Visit Visa, Dubai Multiple Entry Visa, Investor Visa, Parent Visa, Dubai Mission Visa and Transit Visa.

What is the currency of Dubai?

The local currency of Dubai is Arab Emirates Dirham.

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