Entrepreneur visa program in Germany

Entrepreneur visa program in Germany

Germany is the dream destination of many Indians. There is no minimum requirement but applicants must invest sufficient funds to establish a business and create jobs. In return temporary visas are granted for family members which can lead to Permanent Residence (PR) for the main applicant after 3 years and remaining family members after 5 years.

Germany investor visa

Applicants who want to invest and become a resident of Germany must comply with immigration laws related to self-employment, by taking up an economic activity in a local municipality. 

Minimum Investment Requirement for Germany

Investors are required to make a minimum investment of €350,000 as follows:

  • €250,000 Purchase of off-plan real estate
  • €100,000 Entrepreneurial investment into a regional development fund

 Germany Residency Benefits 

  • Live and work in Germany
  • High standard of living
  • Excellent education & health care
  • No need to continuously reside in Germany
  • Travel freely throughout the EU
  • Residency extended to spouse & children
  • Recognised route to German citizenship
  • Brilliant business environment

Highlights about Germany

  • Capital city: Berlin 
  • Currency: Euro €
  • Population: 83.67 million (2016)
  • Languages: German, English
  • Time zone: Central European (UTC+01:00)
  • Nearest country: Bordered by nine countries
  • Visa free countries: 176 (for citizens)
  • Total area: 375,386 km²

Process time for Germany Investor visa

  1. Main applicant and family members apply for the program by depositing a re-fundable down payment. 
  2. Legal counsel will initiate the residency process.
  3. Pre-approval will be issued by the local German authorities
  4. Pre-approval will be sent to the respective German embassy in the applicants' country of origin
  5. Legal counsel opens an escrow account under the applicants' name
  6. Applicant transfers the remaining balance to the escrow account within 14 days after receiving the pre-approval
  7. Applicant and family members apply for the D-Visa at their local German embassy – valid for 90 days
  8. Issuance of D-Visa (valid for 90 days)
  9. Applicants travel to Germany within 90 days and complete the residency application process with the local authorities

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