Importance of CDR for Engineers Planning for Immigration to australia

For engineers planning to migrate to CDR Australia

In Australia, good engineers are in great demand. The Australian Government is implementing plans to encourage migration to Australia – particularly to those who fall into the skilled migrant category like engineers. Since engineering is a technical subject, engineers are assessed on certain parameters.

Engineering degree assessment

Engineering, like any other technical subject, is taught by specialized institutions. Some countries with these institutions are recognized by Engineers Australia. And, candidates who pass engineering degrees through these accredited or accredited engineering colleges are evaluated through accredited programs such as the Washington Accord and the Sydney Accord. These options are no less strenuous.

However, if your engineering degree is not accredited by the appropriate accrediting groups, then you need to submit a suitable report on your engineering work, known as the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).
CDR is a parameter that highlights how capable an engineer is to demonstrate his engineering skills in a particular situation. This document is required if you want to work as an engineer in Australia and go for a hassle free stay in Australia.

In short, CDR is used as an instrument to assess a non-recognized engineering qualification.

Importance of Preparing an Effective CDR

It is very important to prepare an effective CDR for Australia to obtain a valid visa.

A well-organized CDR can instantly give you a passport to a prosperous life. in Australia. However, a shabby written CDR can ruin your prospects for a bright future in the engineering field in Australia and prevent your stay in Australia.

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